Local Enclosed Transport

Let us move your vehicle across town in one of our Enclosed Auto Tow Trucks or Transporters.

Coast To Coast Enclosed Auto Transport

Shipping your vehicle enclosed keeps your vehicle safe. Your vehicle arrives safe and clean every time.

Fully Enclosed Local Transport

Our fleet of Enclosed Local Transporters can pick your vehicle up and drop it off clean and safe. Same day pickup and delivery is available.

LG Exotic Auto Transport

Enjoy the benefits of having your own private vehicle transporter. No more scratches. No more dead battery’s. Friendly quality service.


Our Approach

We cater to the people that demand perfection. The people that deserve the best and will settle for nothing less. We have designed our equipment to handle any need our customers have. Worry free Enclosed Auto Transport.

Our Story

Even after 20 years we feel our story is just beginning. The demands of our customers keeps us growing. The constant changes in vehicle specs keeps us changing. LGM Sports is Enclosed Auto Transport.


A Lease Is A Final Contract – Or Will It Be Better?

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